Guest House Hachane has been introduced in “The Japan News by Yomiuri Shinbun” on December 9th!


Guest House Hachane, run by YELL CORPORATION has been introduced in "The Japan News by Yomiuri Shinbun" on December 9th!
The article is titled "Turning empty houses into guesthouses", which focuses on the effective usage of empty houses, one of Japanese social problems.
Guesthouse Hachane is introduced as one of the examples of such empty house renovation.
You can read the article on the website ->

The building where Guest house Hachane now operates had not been used for several years after the former owner of the bar on the first floor retired. We started ALE beer&pizza, the craft beer and Chicago style pizza restaurant, in April 2014, and Guest House Hachane in April 2016 for which we've made a total renovation including the reinforcement of the structure.
Even with such big renovation, reusing the empty house is cheaper than building new house, which may be applicable for many other houses.
By having these places, especially Guest House Hachane, we've gotten be able to welcome many tourists from inside Japan and other countries. The place can become not only a place for sleep, but also a base for deeply exploring Tokamachi-city, which might be because the atmosphere of the guest house itself (usually friendly and open than hotels, thus easy to talk with other guests or the owners).

Guest House Hachane is aiming to be a basement of anyone who come to Tokaamchi-city, Nigata, which, we feel, has been realized!

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